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Born in the mountains of Washington, Riverside Cap Co. seeks to provide outdoorsmen and women with an alternative. An excuse to get away from the big brands and wear something that is original, tough, and unique. Something that you can wear with the crew that will raise questions. Something that stands out in the crowd. We like to think this is how life should be.
When this brand, and the idea behind it, came to fruition, it was based on roots, tradition, and culture. With the expansion of our team, we've traveled to a variety of places: Arkansas, Florida, and now Alaska, where some of our more popular designs are based off of.
Where you're from is who you are, but who you are is constantly changing and evolving. At Riverside Cap Co. we want our customers to believe that there is much more than just a brand name or a logo on our apparel. There is core values, originality, and most of all, a connection. If you can connect emotionally to one of our designs, then we've accomplished what we've set out to do. This is Riverside Cap Co

Our Motto

Rooted in Tradition. Influenced by Culture. What does that mean? In simple, stay true to your roots, but don't be afraid to let cultural influences help develop and nurture who you are along the way. Every product and design we make is based on this principle. Here, lost in the mountains of Washington, there is beauty all around. A beauty that is at the core of local traditions, but can be deeply appreciated by the world. We want to give the world the opportunity to appreciate other outdoor traditions and culture through our products. 



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